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What Are the Trends for Kitchen Remodeling in Rochester?

If you’re looking to invest money into upgrading your home, there are few better investments than a new kitchen!  Kitchen remodeling in Rochester can give you a cooking space that is both functional and beautiful. Better yet, if you’re thinking about selling, having a kitchen that’s on-trend is guaranteed to help your property sell once it’s on the market.

Trends in kitchens change constantly, so what’s popular in 2022?  Let’s take a look!

Four Great Trendy Options for Kitchen Remodeling in Rochester

1 – Color!

After a couple of decades of kitchens typically being monochromatic – white, black, or steel – color is finally coming back to the kitchen.  Rich earth tones are proving to be particularly popular right now, but virtually any color scheme you want could help your kitchen really stand out. Don’t be afraid of strong reds, blues, or greens.  Right now, you have so much freedom in making your kitchen match your home and your personality.

2 – Metal accents

The trend in heavy metal-focused looks is going away – which is probably for the best since stainless steel is so hard to keep looking nice – but that doesn’t mean metal is completely leaving the kitchen.  It’s just moving towards accents and flourishes.  Also, along with the overall trend towards more colorful kitchens, we’re also seeing more colorful metals such as copper and brass.

If you’re doing a kitchen in earth tones, for example, copper fixtures will fit right in!

3 – Quartz, not granite

People looking for stone countertops are moving away from granite and towards quartz instead. Why? Quartz is even harder than granite, and it’s more resistant to bacteria.  It’s also moderately easier to clean as well.  This makes quartz an excellent example of kitchen design that is practical and beautiful at once.

4 – Open shelves and cabinets

Why hide all your dishes, mugs, pots, and other cooking ware behind bland cabinets? We’re installing a lot of open shelves and door-less cabinets so that people can show off their collections and make cookware part of the overall presentation.  This is the perfect chance to show off your cool coffee mugs, or maybe those retro Fiestaware plates you inherited from your grandmother.  Be creative and look for opportunities to add accents.

Kitchen Remodeling in Rochester

No matter what your dream kitchen would look like, Spartacus Construction can help make it happen! We’re masters at kitchen remodeling in Rochester, with a long list of happy clients in our history.  Contact us today to start discussing what you want from your kitchen!