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Three Basement Renovation & Remodeling Tips

A basement remodeling project can be the perfect time to not only improve the look of your basement, but also its functionality and livability. Whether you’re renovating an unfinished basement or looking to upgrade your existing one, our basement remodeling contractors at Spartacus Construction are here to help at every step.

So, that’s why we wanted to share some advice and tips you should consider when starting your next basement renovation.

  • Lighting

Unfortunately, when people think of basements they often think of a room with poor lighting and limited windows. While some basements may have these characteristics, yours doesn’t have to! The right lighting can elevate any room, but especially basements.

Choosing recessed lighting for your basement remodel is the perfect way to brighten up the place. Unlike floor lamps and other options, recessed lighting can brighten up an entire basement. Since it is recessed into your ceiling, it saves space and can actually make your basement seem larger because there will be nothing dangling or taking up floor space. Also, adding windows to your basement is a great way to add some natural light and can give the illusion of more space.

  • Expanding Your Space

When contemplating a basement renovation, always think outside the box. Speak to your basement remodeling contractor about your options. If your basement is divided into a few spaces, see about knocking some walls down to give it an open-concept feel. Conversely, if you want to split up a large basement, talk to your contractor about the possibility of adding some walls for an extra room.

  • Waterproofing & Humidity

While we have mentioned some great athletically pleasing tips and things to consider for your basement remodeling project, often, what you can’t see is just as important. Before beginning any basement renovation project, always consult with a contractor to be sure there are no structural issues with your home’s foundation. Often, underlying structural issues can be the cause of leaks and lead to potential issues down the road.

Basement Remodeling Contractors & Services

Our basement remodeling contractors can help you go over any issues and give you the peace of mind that your basement renovation will go as planned. With over 20 years of experience, we can handle any residential or commercial remodeling project.

To learn more about our services or about our team of basement remodelers, please contact our team today.