Deck with seating furniture

Must-Have Pieces of Furniture for Your New Deck

Summer is coming, and it’s a great time to contact Rochester, NY, deck builders about adding a deck to your home.  A deck is a great home upgrade because it’s a renovation you can enjoy day after day, while also adding substantially to your home’s potential resale value.

Of course, a deck by itself only does so much – what really makes a deck great are the furniture and accessories you add to it.  So, these are some of the must-have items that will guarantee you love your new deck and the possibilities it adds to your home.

Must-Have Additions for Your New Rochester Deck

  1. Seating

The most important addition to your deck will be plenty of seating, so that it can turn into a spot for relaxation and socialization.   You’ve got plenty of options here, depending on how you intend to use your deck and yard, but make sure it’s A) comfortable and B) weather proofed.  When placing your seating, take shade into consideration.  More often than not, you’ll want to sit somewhere that’s shielded from direct sunlight.

Some canopies or large beach umbrellas can help create shade if you lack other options.

  1. Dining options

If you’re planning on entertaining in your yard, outdoor dining options are a must.  A barbecue grill, wood-burning pizza oven, or even a BBQ pit, could be an amazing addition – particularly in the summer and fall.  Why stay cooped up indoors when you could be roasting food over a fire?

You’ll want a nice weatherproofed table to eat at, preferably one which matches and works with the seating you’re setting up.  If you need more seating, benches are a nice cozy way to share food among friends and family.

  1. Outdoor storage

If you have a deck and accessories, you’ll want a shed to keep smaller or easily damaged items in.  There are plenty of prefab sheds available from home hardware stores if you simply want something functional.  If you want to take your back-yard decoration over the top, though, go with a wooden shed that matches your deck and other furniture!

Need more stuff to put in it?  Think games and toys so that you’ve always got plenty of activities ready, for different kinds of company.

Enjoy Your Dream Deck Today!

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