finished basement with vinyl plank flooring, new paint and lighting

How To Design Great Basement Renovations That You’ll Love

If you’re like a lot of people here in Rochester, your basement probably isn’t getting as much use as it could. A lot of basements in the area are still unfinished, or only being used as storage.

But… why? Your basement probably stretches across the length of your foundation and includes a huge amount of space. There are so many ways to make use of a basement, with the right finishing and upgrades. Rochester basement renovations are almost like adding a new floor to your home, without the huge expenses of a full room addition.

So, in this article, we wanted to explore some of your options, and the design styles that would work best with those ideas. Whatever you’d like your basement to become, you can make it happen with a little help!

Six Great Ideas for Remodeling Your Basement

1 – Add more plumbing and wiring

Almost regardless of what you intend to do with your basement, you’ll almost certainly want to add more plumbing and wiring, like what you have upstairs. This will instantly make the basement more attractive as a space, especially if you don’t have to constantly go upstairs every time you need a bathroom or a drink of water.

Likewise, most basements typically don’t have much in the way of wiring, aside from what’s connected to your water heater and HVAC system. Adding more wires and plugs will give you plenty of flexibility to use the space as you’d like.

Keep in mind that plumbing and wiring upgrades will need to be inspected by the city before they’re approved, so you should always hire professional basement renovators for this work!

2 – Make the right color choices

Some color schemes and designs work better than others when it comes to your basement. In general, basements tend to not have much natural light, so it’s a good idea to use lighter colors that will help reflect and enhance the lighting you’re going to add. A basement done in whites will be highly attractive, and you might not even notice the lack of natural light.

Of course, if your basement is well-lit, you’ve got a lot more options. In this case, we’d recommend a more colorful look.  Make your basement an inviting space, which offsets the underground vibe.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about using your basement for electronics – such as a home theater or video game room – a darker color scheme will make more sense.  Keep the lighting low, so it doesn’t interfere with the entertainment or create screen glare. Dark walls and carpeting will really set the mood. We’ve even seen some great 90s arcade-style designs, focused on black with neon highlights or even blacklights.

3 – Consider adding a full bedroom suite

One of the best overall options for remaking a basement would be turning it into a new bedroom suite, or even a full apartment with its own full bathroom, shower, and kitchen. This can have so many uses. For example, if you have multiple children – or a college student still living at home – this lets your older children have their own space, which helps foster a sense of independence.

Or it’s also a great way to make a spare guestroom. If you’ve been challenged to find places to put friends and relatives during the holidays, a finished basement apartment is the perfect solution.

You might even be able to rent out your basement for some extra money but be sure to look into local landlord laws and regulations before you commit to this.

4 – Create a bar or “man cave”

A basement can also be a great place simply for entertaining guests and having a hideaway in your home.  It’s a perfect location for a bar, since it’s out of the way, and it’s easier to lock smaller kids out of a basement where they can’t get into your stash.

This is also a good option if you’ve got a lot of old decorations, trophies, or other pieces of memorabilia you’ve picked up over the years. Even if the main house needs to be relatively normal and presentable, your basement can become your personalized space that only your most trusted friends and family get to visit.

5 – Enjoy a stylish lounge

For people who prefer a look that’s a bit less kitschy, we’ve also seen some amazing designs intended to look like an upscale lounge. For these, you want a fairly minimalistic color scheme, typically black with white or metal highlights. Gold/yellow colors also complement the look quite well.

Be sure to have nice-looking furniture to accompany it, or maybe even add a rock wall feature for a splash of color to break up the modernist vibe. It can become an excellent spot to chill out after work or spend a quiet Sunday when you want to get away from all the bustle and hassle aboveground.

6 – Indulge your creativity in an arts and crafts room

Do you have any creative hobbies, such as artistic works, tinkering with electronics, or playing music? A basement is perfect for all of these. It’s out of the way, and typically has better soundproofing than most other areas of the house – although you will probably want to add more padding to the ceiling.

Otherwise, you’ll have plenty of room for whatever creative projects strike your fancy.  With sufficient lights and power outlets, there’s really no limit. Create a full studio, or maybe even install multiple types of creative stations so that your whole family can indulge their own creative interests.

Spartacus Construction Can Craft Your Dream Basement!

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