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How Home Renovations in Rochester, NY, Can Improve the Value of Your Home

Home renovations in Rochester, NY, can be a great investment!  In the short term, you get a nicer home to live in, and in the long run, you’ll be adding to your home’s value and sellability – at least if you get the right renovations, that is.

A good home renovation is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.  How can you do this?  We’ve got a few tips.

Four Ways To Add Value To Your Rochester Home With Renovations

1 – Focus on the most ‘sellable’ rooms

Value comes both in the home’s dollar value, but also in its overall sellability.  A home that sits on the market for months can turn into a cost sink that eats into your profits.  If you’re looking to sell, you want to focus on the rooms which will most impress potential buyers.

This typically revolves around the kitchen, the living room, and the master bedroom.  Those are the three ‘showpiece’ rooms.  You can also impress people with nice dining rooms, or a well-equipped master bathroom.  Other rooms are typically less important to buyers.

2 – Create more space

Buyers typically want as much space in a home as possible, and a lot of older homes in this area tend to be small, cramped, and boxy.

In some cases, you could potentially remodel the house itself by adding rooms – but often, you’ll get more value by knocking down walls and creating more open spaces.  “Open” floor plans with few walls are popular right now, both for their spaciousness, and because they offer the new owners more layout and decor options.

3 – Do repairs, especially in the exterior

It’s OK if some of your rooms look lived-in, especially if you have children – but you should take care of any significant repair issues.  This is especially important for exterior items, such as cracked/faded siding, or visible problems with the roof.  If your exterior looks broken-down, people won’t bother looking inside.

4 – Improve your energy efficiency

“Green” homes are very popular.  They save money and help the environment.  Redoing your wiring, thermostat, etc, to use less power will truly pay for itself.  You’ll have lower bills while living there, and it’ll be more attractive to buyers down the line.

Home Renovations Near You in Rochester, NY

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