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Home Remodeling Mistakes That Are a No-No

Every home, at some point, may need some upgrades and work done to it. And with the right renovations, a property you’ve owned for years can look brand-new. Whether it’s renovating your kitchen, adding functionality to a space, or creating more room, our home remodeling contractors at  Spartacus Construction know how important getting the job right is.

While television shows might make complicated renovations look like a breeze, our team knows that this is the farthest thing from reality. So, to help, we’ve listed some of the worst pitfalls to avoid when planning your next home renovation, and why it’s best to avoid the DIY route.

Five Things to Avoid When Remodeling Your Home

  1. Not Every Job is DIY

We recommend hiring an experienced construction company to complete your home upgrades. When you take too much into your own hands, disaster strikes. For instance, detaching a lighting fixture without knowing all the proper requirements. If you accept help from inexperienced family and friends, you risk making a mistake that could be even more expensive – or worse, a potential hazard.

  1. Create a lower initial budget, in case of surprises

When hiring home remodeling contractors, people often don’t realize how important the wiggle room in the budget is. Some start confidently with a high number but find that discoveries like mold, leaks, or deterioration can sometimes add to the overall cost. Opening up walls, especially in older homes, can reveal some real damage, so leave room for unforeseen scenarios.

  1. Safety comes first, not a cheaper or faster remodeling

One of the biggest hazards of going DIY is the safety aspect. Unless you hire an experienced professional, home improvement accidents are very common. Going with a trusted company like ours can help you avoid injuries from faulty scaffolding, high-power tools, and ladders. Saving a few bucks or wanting to speed up your remodeling isn’t worth the risk.

  1. Figure out specifics and all their working parts

Looking into the cost of materials beforehand, and labor involved is important. When hiring a home remodeling contractor, remember different jobs will require different timelines. For a big overhaul, you might not have a working bathroom or kitchen, and may even have to stay somewhere else for a time.

  1. Use photos to better replicate your dream home

A picture is worth a million words. When you work with a contractor, images are the best way to communicate the look that you’re going for. This means magazine cutouts, online inspirations, and anything else you can think of.

Spartacus Construction Has Your Back

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