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Four Great Ways Rochester Home Renovation Contractors Can Revamp Your Basement

Far too many homeowners in Rochester overlook the potential that’s right under their feet – literally!  Basements often go unfinished or are strictly used for storage, because people believe that basements add nothing to their home’s value.  However, that’s just not true.  A fully finished and functional basement can add to the home’s value or create great incentives for potential buyers looking for something special. At Spartacus Construction Inc., we have some of the best contractors in Rochester, NY working on our team.

If you’ve got an underutilized basement, it could easily be worth calling up a Rochester home renovation contractor to talk about upgrades.  Here are just a few of the things you could do with a basement…

Four Ideas for Making Your Basement Valuable and Functional

  • Convert it into a bedroom suite

Since basements almost always contain both electrical and water hookups, it’s relatively easy to throw up a few simple drywalls and convert it into a small apartment.  Depending on how much space is involved, you might even have room for a kitchenette.  This is a great option if you have a teenager in need of more space of their own, or potentially even as rental space like for Airbnb.

  • Create a family game room

Does your family like to get together for games and activities, but you struggle to find room upstairs?  Create a game room in the basement!  You’ll have plenty of room for anything you want to set up, even sprawling tabletop layouts.  Plus, since basements are naturally cooler because they’re below ground, it helps everyone stay chill during heated tournaments.

  • Install a bar

Don’t have kids, and you’re interested in more adult pastimes?  Create your dream bar!  Again, the cool atmosphere downstairs makes it comfortable to have visitors over, and you’ll have room to get as creative with the decor as you like.  Maybe even install a pool table!  This will absolutely wow people who look over the house if the day comes that you want to sell it.

  • Relocate your laundry room

OK, this isn’t as fun as the other options, but it’s extremely practical.  Moving your laundry room downstairs means the machines won’t be heating up the rest of the house.  Plus, that frees up an upstairs room to be a new den, child’s room, man cave, or any other use you can think of.

Our Rochester Contractors Have Your Home Renovation Covered

Spartacus Contracting is a top Rochester home renovation contractor, and we want to help you create an amazing basement.  If you’ve got space going to waste, contact us for a quote today!