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Custom Decks Make Your Rochester NY Home Even Better

If you’re looking for a wonderful addition to your Rochester, NY, home that won’t cost too much but will add value and utility to your property, it’s hard to go wrong with a custom deck!

Custom decks allow you to add usable space to your home, without the huge expense of adding rooms or floors. Decks can be covered or uncovered, and support a lot of different outdoor activities, so they’re a great choice in a wide variety of situations. Whether you just want a spot for grilling and parties or want to go further – such as adding a spa – custom decks deliver great value!

Why Install a Custom Deck in Rochester?

1 – Add value to your home

If you ever see yourself selling your home, a deck is a great addition because it’s a big selling point for buyers. Someone who wants their own home is going to love the idea of having a deck built-in, and immediately start imagining themselves using it. This can substantially reduce the time your home spends on the market, saving you plenty of money on the sale.

2 – The perfect place to entertain guests

Summer and autumn are perfect for hosting parties, barbecues, and more. Why keep everyone cooped up indoors? With a nice deck, you’ve got an entertainment space that your family, friends, and neighbors can all enjoy during our pleasant nights.

3 – Built to your specifications

When you hire a company that specializes in Rochester custom decks, you aren’t locked into a single design or style. They’ll work with you to understand your needs, and what you want to do with your home, then create a deck that matches your style and your lifestyle. Once the deck is in place, it’ll look like it’s always been there – and you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

4 – Add more features

A great deck can be part of larger additions, such as adding a poor or spa to your home. An outdoor dining space is another option – it could be kitted out with nice-looking tables and lighting, like your own cozy private outdoor cafe!

Custom Deck Building in Rochester, NY

Spartacus Construction has decades of experience building amazing custom decks for homeowners across the Rochester area, with a long list of satisfied clients.

Click here to see some of the great work we’ve done, then contact us to discuss your own dream deck!