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Why You Usually Want a Rochester General Contractor for Home Renovation

“What’s the difference between a Rochester general contractor, and a remodeling contractor?”

This is a question we hear quite often, and it’s entirely understandable.  When people are looking to remodel their Rochester home, they want the best people for the job – and it’s not immediately clear what the difference is between a general contractor and a remodeling contractor. (Sometimes also called a home renovator.)

While the job titles sound similar, there are some very important differences.  What it boils down to is that most of the time, you’re going to want a fully licensed Rochester home improvement contractor to handle your renovations.

What Is A “Remodeling Contractor” Anyway?

Simply put, a remodeling contractor is – usually – a home improvement contractor without all the licenses needed to qualify as a general contractor.  And that’s a problem.

There’s no legal standard for calling yourself a “remodeling contractor” or “home renovator.”  Anyone with a hammer and some nails could call themselves a home renovator and advertise their services.  Sure, they might have some skills, but this could be extremely difficult to ascertain if you’re just looking at their website or calling them up to ask questions.

In rare cases, this might even be an OK option.  If you need a very basic job done, such as hanging a single window, anyone with some basic carpentry skills could probably handle it.

However, a Rochester general contractor is going to be able to offer a lot more.

Why Trust General Contractors with Your Home

1 – They’re licensed and overseen

For a company to call themselves a general contractor, they must be licensed by the state.  They also have to carry insurance and bonding, to protect you against any accidents on the job.

2 – They have access to more resources

A general contractor will be able to handle just about any home improvement job, inside or out.  They also have the resources and the contacts to do multiple jobs at once, such as redoing an exterior and your bathrooms.

3 – They offer warranties

Journeyman “home renovators” probably don’t offer much in the way of warranty protections.  They might not even be able to honor manufacturers’ warranties on parts.  However, if you work with a Rochester home contractor, you’ll get plenty of protection against problems.

The Home Improvement Contractor Near You

For all but the smallest of jobs, it really is better to hire a qualified Rochester home contractor.  Click here to consult with the experts at Spartacus Construction!