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Basement Renovation Techniques to Avoid Moisture Issues

Owning a home with a basement often leads to a common issue that homeowners face: moisture. Unfortunately, people often overlook these issues or do not properly treat them. Moisture problems in basements are not only inconvenient, they can also cause mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can be harmful to the health of the residents. At Spartacus Construction Inc., we aim to educate homeowners about basement moisture causes and provide basement renovation solutions for these issues.

Main Causes of Basement Moisture

1.      Rain or Ground Water

2.      Interior Moisture – such as humidifiers, clothing dryers, and bathrooms

3.      Exterior Moisture – when humid air enters from outside and condenses on surfaces in the basement

How does Moisture Enter Basements from Outside

Poorly constructed buildings can cause problems within a basement. Moisture can get into basements through cracks and unstable foundations. Sometimes, builders do not adequately build basements to manage water drainage.

This means that there are several factors that contribute to the issue. One factor is not having proper gutters and downspouts. Another factor is not sloping the ground away from the foundation. Additionally, having no or broken underground drainage systems also contributes to the problem.

Common Symptoms of Moisture in Basements

·        Standing water on the basement floor

·        Watering trickling out of walls

·        Carpet or flooring decay

·        Odor of mildew and mold

·        Wood rot

·        Humid or damp air

·        Condensation on surfaces during warmer months

How to Prevent Basement Moisture from Starting

  1. Remove moisture sources like humidifiers, and ventilate other sources like dryers and bathrooms.
  2. Don’t let warm, humid air into the basement if it’s causing condensation during the summer months. Instead, use a drying agent-type heat exchanger or an air conditioning unit for ventilation.

Basement Renovation Tips to Consider for Fixing Issues with Moisture

Dehumidifiers can reduce moisture, but they are not a permanent solution for removing moisture from basements.

  • A membrane/coating of interior walls is only temporary. While it initially saves money, these systems will degrade and water will find another way to the basement.
  •  Evaluating gutters and downspouts should be the first step in permanently correcting this issue. To fix basement moisture issues, try installing a drainage system inside or outside if the problem persists.
  • Contact a local expert to inspect basement moisture damage for effective problem-solving.
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Check out this page from the University of Minnesota for a more extensive explanation of basement moisture