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How to Prevent Your Basement Floor from Being Cold and Damp

Water damage can be not only dangerous to the structure of your home, but it can also be cold, wet, odorous and ultimately uncomfortable to live with. These issues are especially prominent in basements, as an unfinished concrete floor is cold and uncomfortable to begin with.

Our basement finishing contractors have broken down a few key techniques for preventing your basement floor from becoming cold and damp.

Make use of floating subfloors

When finishing your basement, flooring plays a major role in warmth and comfort. Contractors often use floating subfloors, which are installed by raising the surface over the concrete basement floor with pegs, creating a gap so that moisture will not reach the finished basement floor that you walk on. This is a popular option, which can make your basement much more comfortable, as the separation is able to significantly raise the temperature of the floor.

Choose a flooring option that can be easily removed

Although a raised surface will do a good job of separating your floor from the cold concrete, it is essential to get to the root of the problem if a leak or other water damage ever occurs. In order to gain quick access to the concrete floor underneath your finished basement floor, it is important to choose an option such as ThermalDry planks, which can be removed individually.

Hiring a contractor who is experienced in repairing and waterproofing basement floors will help to ensure that you do not have to remove your basement floor panels on a regular basis.

Identify water leaks and improper drainage

Drainage malfunctions and high levels of humidity can be a limiting factor when it comes to remodeling your basement. This will also create an uncomfortably damp space, which can only be corrected by a basement finishing contractor who knows what to look for. To prevent a damp and uncomfortable atmosphere, avoid subjecting your basement floors to excess moisture in any part of your basement.

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