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Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Deck

Deck builders and contractors in Rochester, NY, know that wood decks have become a must-have among many homeowners. Although wood is a great option for an aesthetically pleasing, well-constructed deck, the material is subject to various levels of expansion, cracking, and decay, depending on the timber.

Our expert deck builders at Spartacus Construction in Rochester, NY, have outlined some essential tips for maintaining your wood deck.

Prevent problems with a wood finish

Upon installation, homeowners are encouraged to have a deck builder apply a preservative to the wood, which can be re-applied periodically over the years to protect the material from cracking and mildew. Deck builders should apply a penetrating finish, which will be able to combat harsh weather conditions and other problems better than a film-forming finish such as paint, which can be easily cracked and manipulated.

Apply a deck cleaning solution

Your deck may become worn down, and the timber will lose its natural color over time. An inexpensive way to breathe life back into your deck is to apply a commercial cleaning solution or restorer, which can be purchased in most home hardware stores in Rochester, NY. These products will help maintain the appearance of your deck, while clearing the material of dirt in mildew, preventing decay with mildew buildup.

Solutions such as these should not be used regularly, as the chemicals can break down the material if overused. A less harsh cleaning solution, which homeowners can use on a more regular basis is a combination of household bleach, water and detergent.

Gently scrub the surface

When attempting to restore your wood deck’s natural hue, avoid scrubbing the surface too aggressively. If you have a protective wood finish on your deck, harsh scrubbing could break down the preservative and lead to problems such as cracking, expansion and lifting.

Avoid over-application of deck stain

Unlike a wood finish, deck stain can penetrate the wood and cause the material to deteriorate, making it more vulnerable to adverse weather conditions, mildew and insects. Wood deck staining should be left to a professional deck builder for good results, which will not result in a waxy, over-stained surface. Depending on the weather conditions in your area, deck staining maintenance should be done by a professional contractor every 2-3 years.

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