Smart Tips for Planning Home Additions and Upgrades

Everyone wants a nicer home, and there are plenty of home addition contractors in Rochester, NY, who’d be happy to make your dream home even dreamier. As the disruption from COVID-19 is finally starting to wind down, this is a great time to look into those upgrades you’ve been putting off.

If you want the best results, thought and planning make it happen. Before calling in a contractor, these are some of the things you should consider when planning for your upgrades or renovations.

Four Major Considerations Before Hiring Residential Addition Contractors

1 – Plan for the future

Assuming you plan to live in your current home for years to come, your additions should be designed to enhance your quality of life now and in the future. Think about your lifestyle. What changes or upgrades will make it easier for you to live and work in your home? The latter is particularly important if you’ve become part of a remote workforce. You could make your job a lot easier with some work-focused improvements!

2 – Consider your local property values

A lot of people don’t think about this, but there are downsides to having the most expensive house in your neighborhood. If, for example, your house is worth $500,000 in an area where every other home is worth half that, you could have a very hard time selling in the future. So, you may not want to go too far with your upgrades if you plan to sell later.

3 – Get multiple quotes from multiple home addition contractors

Never immediately hire the first contractor you talk to. You should call around to various home construction contractors in Rochester and get quotes from at least three. This allows you to potentially use quotes as leverage in negotiations, while also giving you a good ballpark figure when planning your budget.

4 – Have a place to stay!

Depending on how extensive your renovations are going to be, you may not be able to keep living in your home while the work is done. You should have a clear plan for where you’re going to live during the upgrades. Fortunately, those quotes you obtained should also include timelines, so you’ll know roughly how long it will take.

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