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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Accommodate Young Children

As families grow with the addition of young kids, the kitchen can be a wonderful place to gather and create memories. Unfortunately, the kitchen can host a number of child hazards, from sharp tools to hot surfaces. The contractors at Spartacus Construction understand that families with young kids require kitchen remodeling techniques that take child safety into account.

Our dedicated team of contractors has provided a few kitchen remodeling ideas to help you create a safe, childproof kitchen.

Tips for Child-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling

Avoid injuries with countertops

When children reach a height where their heads are level with kitchen countertops, they may run into these hard edges and develop serious head injuries. Choosing countertops with rounded edges will help prevent painful knocks to the head, so that you do not have to worry when your child wanders into the kitchen.

As children grow old enough to help prepare food in the kitchen, homeowners should consider hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor to install a low countertop so that children do not have to reach for dangerous kitchen tools on a high platform.

Lock and organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers

Kitchen cabinets and drawers often contain sharp cutlery, heavy tools and dangerous chemicals. For a childproof kitchen design, kitchen remodeling contractors can install storage units entirely out of reach of children, however it is still important to keep hazardous storage areas locked as an extra safety precaution. Low kitchen cabinets and drawers can be used to store child-friendly goods so that kids have a place where they can access certain food items, plastic plates, and other risk-free items.

Remove toxic chemicals from your cleaning regimen

Although toxic cleaning chemicals can be locked away in a safe storage area, you may want to consider eliminating them from your kitchen entirely. Cleaning products can be incredibly dangerous if your child accidentally consumes or touches them. Opt for a natural cleaning solution to avoid this risk.

Use baby gates to block access to the kitchen

Infants and small children who are too young to understand safety hazards in the kitchen, should be kept away from this part of the home entirely. For an easy, inexpensive way to keep children out of the kitchen, use tall baby gates at each of the doorways to ensure they are not able to get inside the room.

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