Small kitchen with table

How to Get More Use from A Small Kitchen

It would be great if everyone could have a huge kitchen with plenty of cooking space, but that’s not always the case.  Even the best NY kitchen remodeling crews can only work with the space available, and in New York, sometimes that’s not much.

However, even if you have a small kitchen, you can still get a lot done!  It’s all a matter of making smart use of the space you have.

Here are a few ideas.

Five Ways to Make the Best Use of a Small Kitchen

1 – Use vertical hanging space

Is your cabinet space limited?  Get a pegboard or a slat board to put on one or more walls.  These allow you to hang a huge number of items that would otherwise have to go in drawers or cabinets.  Better yet, they’re right at hand – which is super convenient in a small kitchen.

2 – Ditch the island

If you have a center island in a small kitchen, think about getting rid of it.  That space could be used in better ways.  For example, you could substitute a folding table or a rolling tray.  That will give you extra space, like an island, but can then be moved when you need the space for other things.

3 – Focus on multi-purpose devices

When you have a small kitchen, you don’t have room for single-use devices.  That bloomin’ onion cutter might be awesome, but how often do you actually use it?  Chances are, it’s just going to clutter up the space you have.

So, take stock of the cooking devices you have, get rid of the ones which are single-use or only used occasionally, and focus instead on multi-purpose appliances which will see constant use.

4 – Swap upper cabinets for shelves

Upper cabinets are bulky and take up extra space, plus they’re kind of old-fashioned.  People with smaller kitchens tend to find a lot of value in replacing them with open shelves instead.  They’re easier to access and look nicer too.

5 – Use light colors

Light-colored kitchens look and feel bigger than dark colors.  It might just be a psychological trick, but it’s effective.  Repainting your small kitchen in white or light blue will make it feel much nicer to work in.

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