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How To Find The Best Home Renovations In Rochester, NY

There’s no shortage of companies offering home renovations in Rochester, NY but how do you find a contractor that you can trust to do the work right?  Some contractors are simply better than others, and you want to know you’ve picked one who won’t let you down.

Fortunately, finding a great home renovation contractor in Rochester is easier than ever, thanks to how much information is available online.  With a little research and some phone calls, you can quickly narrow down your options.

Five Must-Haves from Your Rochester Home Renovation Contractor

1 – Licensing and insurance

Always ask contractors to show you their permits, licenses, and insurance coverage.  Above-board companies will happily provide them to prove that they’re legally capable of doing the work.  If they refuse for any reason, walk away.

2 – A good reputation

Any decent contractor will have a gallery of the work they’ve done, which you should check carefully.  Also, look them up on a few different review websites like Google and Yelp.  Too many bad reviews is a major red flag.

3 – A local focus

In general, it’s always better to pick a contractor which is as close to your home as possible.  This ensures they’re familiar with the area and its building codes, as well as reducing the costs for transporting people and materials.

Never hire an out-of-state contractor; there are a lot of hidden costs and they’re harder to hold accountable if something goes wrong.

4 – Minimal use of subcontractors

Nearly all contractors will hire subcontractors from time to time – but some sketchy operations will work entirely as middlemen, hiring out the work to other contractors.  This can make it very difficult to hold workers accountable if the work is messed up, as well as preventing you from properly vetting them.

A good contractor still does most of their own work, even if they occasionally need outside help.

5 – A detailed bid or estimate

When asking for estimates, pay attention to how much detail it goes into.  A contractor which is too vague, such as quoting a price without any cost breakdown, might be looking to push costs up later.  Generally speaking, the more detailed the estimate is, the more likely the contractor is honest.

Get a Quote on Home Renovations in Rochester, NY

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