How To Find the Best Deck Contractors in Rochester, NY

If you want an affordable and beautiful upgrade for your home, adding a custom deck is a great option. They’re highly versatile, from hosting parties to just quietly enjoying an evening under the stars, and a nice deck will also make your home more valuable to potential buyers.

However, you can’t trust any random Rochester, NY, deck contractor with the work.  Home improvement contractors come and go, and you need someone you know will do good work and be around to stand by their work.  How do you find a great Rochester deck contractor? Here are some tips.

What To Focus on When Hiring Rochester, NY, Deck Contractors

1 – Know what you want

What kind of deck do you want, and what sort of budget do you have? It’s a very good idea to have a general plan ahead of time so that when you contact deck contractors in the area, you can quickly find out if they’re up for the job. For example, some contractors may be able to handle electrical upgrades themselves; others will only do woodwork.

Or if you’re being more ambitious, such as adding a deck and an attached outdoor spa, you’ll want a more general contractor who can do everything at once.

If you specify what you want up-front, the discussions are easier for everyone.

2 – Get recommendations from friends or the Internet

Chances are you know someone in your group of friends, or perhaps among your co-workers, who has had a home upgrade done. Word-of-mouth recommendations are still the best way to find good home improvement contractors. If that doesn’t work, start looking for reviews online.  Be sure to read the reviews, not just look at the star ratings. The actual reviews will have a wealth of information.

3 – Always get several bids

Once you have a few recommendations, call all of them and get bids/estimates. This allows you to compare prices, as well as get a feel for what it will be like to work with each contractor. You typically want a mid-range bid from a company that listens to you – and if they have a long service record you can look into, even better!

Spartacus Construction is one of Rochester’s top deck contractors, and we can provide a full range of upgrades. Whatever you want, we can make it happen! Contact us for a free consultation and estimate on your deck upgrades.