Get More from Your Rochester Home with A Great Custom Deck

Are you looking for a way to add value to your home, or add extra space, but adding new rooms just isn’t an option? A custom deck might be the perfect option! Custom deck builders in Rochester NY will listen to your needs and create an amazing deck at an affordable price. You can find new enjoyment in your yard, impress the neighbors, and even increase the sellability of your home in the future.

Spartacus Construction has a long history of building great decks that our customers love, and we have plenty of different options. These are just a few of the ways a custom deck can enhance your home.

Which Custom Deck Is Right for Your Rochester Home?

1 – Attached decks

These are probably the most common option, a deck that connects directly to your back door and adds an elevated space to your backyard.  The deck could be covered or uncovered, and it’s also a great option if you want a pool or sauna.  The deck can lead directly to them, providing convenient access any time of day or night, in almost any weather.

2 – Detached decks

Detached decks are typically connected to your home via a path and are a nice way to add character to a backyard.  One of our favorite types to design is a detached dining area, allowing you to have dinner under the stars like you’re at an exclusive outdoor cafe.  The right table and lighting options will really set the mood!

3 – Wraparound decks

Want to get fancy? Build a deck that wraps around two or more sides of your home or even all the way around like old Southern mansions. It’s a classy, slightly old-fashioned touch that also adds plenty of usable floor space to your property.  Add an assortment of chairs, deck chairs, tables, and power outlets to make the most of it!

4 – Multilevel decks

These are only an option on certain properties where the topography allows for it, such as a big slope in the backyard. However, when they fit, a multi-level deck is seriously impressive and can feel like your home outside your home!

For over 20 years, Spartacus Construction has been adding great custom decks across the Rochester area. If it’s time to make your yard or your home even better, contact us to discuss the type of deck you’d like to build!