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Four Basement Tips for Keeping Your Basement Water-Free

As a basement remodeling contractor, we see a lot of different basements in a lot of different states of repair.  Sometimes we’re hired because the homeowner simply wants a better or finished basement, but other times it’s because the basement was so neglected that it became a problem.  Water damage is usually the culprit.

We’re always happy to help, of course, but it’s a bit of a shame whenever we’re called in to fix a basement that suffered severe water damage.  So, we’ve got some pro tips on how to keep your basement in great shape, year after year!

Tips for Keeping Your Basement Well-Maintained and Water-Free

1. Watch out for puddles around your outside foundation

Is your landscaping still doing a good job keeping water flowing away from your foundation and basement?  Next time it rains, once the storm passes, go outside and do a walkaround.  There shouldn’t be any standing water alongside your foundation.  If there is, that could easily leak into the basement, or even into the foundation itself.

In this case, you’d want to call a landscaping company to improve the slope on your lawn and keep water flowing away from the house.

2. Observe the “five-foot rule” for your drain spouts

If your gutters and drains are dumping water right next to your foundation, they aren’t doing their job properly.  All your drain spouts should have an extender on them that shoots out the water at least five feet away from the foundations.  Otherwise, again, it’s begging for the water to leak in.  Fortunately, these drain extenders are cheap and easily obtained from any home improvement store.

3. Clean your gutters frequently

Of course, those drain spouts won’t do much good, if water isn’t flowing through them in the first place – as typically happens when the gutters are clogged.  In this case, the water is likely to flow straight down your exterior walls and to the foundation/basement.  Pay special attention during the fall, when leaves can easily clog them up.

4. Monitor the basement for cracks

Any cracks in the basement floor or walls is a serious problem!  Cracks can let water in, or potentially indicate growing problems with your foundation.

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