Deck being built

Choosing the Right Deck Builder for Your Needs

A well-designed deck is more than an entertainment area in your yard, it’s an extension of your home, and yourself. This outdoor space should fit your lifestyle and needs. However, finding the right team for this project can be overwhelming with so many deck builders out there.

It is vital to look for and know the right information and questions to ask in order to find the Rochester, NY, deck builder for your needs. Here are some tips and things to consider…

  1. Qualifications, references, and pictures of past work

Credentials and experience are key when it comes to finding the right deck builders and company. So, it is important to have access to previous jobs and testimonials. Past clients are especially helpful in determining the quality of their work.  References can indicate how professional, timely, and mindful of the budget a company is.

Images of past work are a sign of craftsmanship and should be easily accessible on a website, as are clearly depicted on our Spartacus Construction project gallery.

  1. Plan your deck beforehand

Knowing what you want makes it easier for the deck builder in Rochester, NY, to create your dream deck. A perspective from a trusted industry source like our deck builders in Rochester, NY, can help develop that vision, but it’s useful to know some details beforehand. This may include considering the layout, materials, staircases, and railings. Do you want just one story or multiple levels, like our pressure-treated, two-story decks?  Additionally, determine if you’ll want other bells and whistles, such as benches or a fire pit.

  1. Determine their range of offerings

Not all deck builders are created equal; some will carry a smaller range of materials and have a pre-set comfort zone they work within, while others have a huge catalogue of options that can be tweaked to your desire. At Spartacus Construction, our deck builders offer tons of customizable options and materials, from bluestone to stamped concrete. No matter how specific your deck concept is, a builder should tackle it resourcefully, in a hands-on manner.

  1. Interview them accordingly

There are several things you can ask to determine the right deck builder in Rochester, NY for your needs. First, find out how long they’ve been building decks. Next, ask if they’re locally licensed and insured, along with who their insurance carrier is. Determine the start date of the project, the overall timeline, and if a supervisor will always be available. Permits are also a factor –  see if you’ll have to handle that, or if it’s included. Finally, get an estimate of materials, and the cost of hourly labor.

Let Us Design Your Ultimate Deck

At Spartacus construction, we have some of the deck builders in Rochester, NY, that are waiting to start your backyard deck and renovation. Contact us today for more information and a quote.