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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Although painting your kitchen cabinets might seem like an easy do-it-yourself undertaking, don’t let appearances fool you. Often, a kitchen cabinet painting project can be more than meets the eye. There are a host of things that could go wrong, which is why many hire kitchen remodeling contractors to complete the task.

However, if you want to go the DIY route, the team from Spartacus Construction has collected a few of the most important mistakes to avoid here.

  1. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

 Are you trying to paint those cabinets before the dinner party on the weekend? If so, you might want to give yourself a bit more time. This is because painting kitchen cabinets can be a lot more work than you expect, taking in some cases anywhere from four days to a week to complete.

  1. Forgetting to Clean the Wood Before Painting

 Another thing many first-time cabinet painters often overlook is cleaning their cabinets before putting on that first coat of paint. This is a big no-no because if you don’t clean away its current coat of paint, the new paint likely won’t stick.

  1. Having Unrealistic Expectations

 If your cabinets have a wood grain pattern on them, that pattern will show through occasionally in the form of uneven grain or lines. There’s simply no way around it. So, don’t assume that a coat of paint will make everything disappear and be completely smooth.

  1. Not Removing Doors & Drawers

 The first step before dipping your brush should be to remove all of the doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets. This will make your job much easier and ensure that you do the very best paint job possible. It might seem like a time-saver to paint your cabinets, hinges and all, but it’s counterproductive and will cause the paint to crack much more quickly.

  1. Skipping Sanding

 Even if your cabinets are pristine, you’ll still need to sand every part of them. It can be a long process but it’s the only way the fresh coat of paint will stick. Using a sandpaper that’s not too course (150-200 grit) will make the surface matte and give you the perfect layer to build upon.

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